Equine Cushings Disease

Ponies and horses are living longer due to an improved quality of life and advances in medical care and dentistry but they are susceptible to old-age conditions such as Cushings disease. Cushings is caused by the loss of a neurotransmitter - dopamine - in the brain, which has an inhibiting function on part of the pituitary gland. This leads to enlargement of the pituitary and abnormal amounts of hormones being secreted.


Equine Cushings Disease


  • Abnormal hair growth
  • Increased drinking & urination
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Depression & poor performance
  • Pot-belly & bulging around the eyes
  • Laminitis, chronic & recurrent
  • Diabetes



Cushing's disease can be diagnosed by blood tests, the best time to test is the autumn, although corrected values for ACTH are calculated for other times of the year. Boehringer is offering a free blood test until the end of November 2012 - certain conditions apply see www.talkaboutlaminitis.co.uk for details or phone the equine office for details.

Current thinking and evidence suggests that 90% of laminitis may occur as a result of an underlying hormonal condition such as Cushing's disease (PPID) or Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Horses and ponies with Cushing's commonly suffer from laminitis in the Autumn as well as the spring.

Cushings disease is not just a disease of old horses, research has revealed that one third of middle aged horses (between the ages of 10 and 15 years old) tested positive for the disease, where laminitis was the most common sign, not the 'classic' signs of Cushing's such as a curly coat.

If your horse tests positive for PPID, the disease can be treated and managed appropriately, by our Equine Team, to help prevent further painful episodes of Laminitis. Early diagnosis and intervention are critical if the crippling changes seen in the feet caused by laminitis are to be avoided.

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