Equine surgical suite

weighing platform
We have a large Surgical Suite which is fully equipped to carry out routine and more specialised equine surgical procedures.

Prior to surgery patients are thoroughly examined and accurately weighed to make sure as far as possible they are fit for the procedure. Sometimes due to the urgency of the condition surgery may have to be carried out despite adverse signs. All patients are accurately weighed on our walk-on weighing platform and a blood test may be taken to establish adequate liver and kidney function.

operating suite The patient is first led into a quiet padded pre-surgical unit where induction of anaesthesia is carried out, in low stress conditions. From here the patient is carried safely to the adjoining surgical area by an overhead gantry. A breathing tube is placed so that anaesthesia can be continued safely using desflurane gas, the most advanced anaesthetic in the equine world. Anaesthetised horses are monitored throughout the procedure by an experienced veterinary surgeon.

protected recovery unit

Recovery will take place under watchful observation in a second quiet padded and protected recovery unit before transfer to the In-patient stables. Here our dedicated 24 hour nursing staff will care for the patient until ready to leave. Owners are encouraged to visit their horses during their stay with us, which will be both convenient and beneficial to recovery.
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