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About us

We offer a 24/7 ambulatory service supported by comprehensive hospital facilities at Straight Mile Farm. Most routine treatments and diagnostic procedures can initially be carried out at the client’s premises.

We have the advantage of a large car park with easy access and loading ramps for lorries and trailers.

Our theatre suite is fully equipped for routine and specialised equine surgery. Recognised equine specialist consultants in medicine and surgery attend regularly ensuring an in-depth level of expertise for a wide range of conditions. After surgery patients usually need a period of rest and recuperation in our in-patient stables, where our dedicated 24-hour nursing team provide a gold standard level of care.

We encourage owners to visit their horses here at the centre during recovery or ongoing medical treatment, which is beneficial and convenient for both patient and owner.

Our diagnostic suite comprises of portable digital radiography, ultrasound scanning including doppler imaging, fibre-optic video-endoscopy (gastroscopy), portable electrocardiography and a Diode Laser for sarcoid removal, together with non-invasive treatment such as shockwave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, class IIIb laser and faradism as a physical therapy option.

History of the practice

The practice was originally founded in the mid-19th century in Friar Street, Reading by Mr G Wheatley. At the time of his death in 1908 it had become a well established equine practice. He was followed by his son Mr Albert Wheatley, who wrote the classic text on farriery and shoeing (Horseshoeing and the Horse’s Foot by Dollar MRCVS & Wheatley FRCVS ). During that time there was a large blacksmith shop with four fires and eight blacksmiths at the Friar Street premises.

Peter Scott Dunn’s father joined the original practice in 1908 a year before Mr Wheatley’s death. In 1909 it was purchased by Mr G P Male who had been Houseman to Sir Frederick Hobday (1870–1939) at the Royal Veterinary College and it has remained a specialist equine practice to this day.

Peter Scott Dunn CVO MRCVS, joined the practice in 1950. Due to a lack of space in the Friar Street premises and the need to accommodate larger horseboxes the practice moved to Earley, Berkshire in 1958.

After the death of Mr G P Male and the retirement of his son Mr Norman Male the practice was divided. Peter Scott Dunn and Tony Ward took over the equestrian division and remained at Earley until 1972 when Peter and his wife purchased Straight Mile Farm. By 1974 the practice had become a fully functioning equine centre.

Sadly in 1985, Tony Ward was killed in a car accident after which Peter continued to develop the practice with the help of his wife and his colleague Simon Knapp BVetMed BSc MRCVS until it’s acquisition by CVS (UK) Limited in 2006. Peter Scott Dunn died in 2014 aged 89.

Scott Dunn’s Equine Clinic was acquired by CVS (UK) Limited in 2006 and now operates as part of this larger group of veterinary practices and veterinary service providers.

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