Vet looking at horses teeth


Most horses will experience some dental problems throughout their lives. Unfortunately some begin at an early age and some can be of a rather severe nature. Prevention involving regular bi-annual dental checks are advised and a proper diet will help considerably.

When disease is evident then treatment will be needed. Where disease has progressed then extractions may be required. Other sophisticated specialist dental procedures are available at the clinic where necessary.

We offer a full range of routine to advanced dental services carried out by fully qualified, experienced veterinary surgeons:

  • Routine rasping plus sedation and visit charge (which can be split if shared).
  • Packages are available for groups of three or more horses on one yard.
  • Advanced dentistry: oral extractions, sinus surgery, periodontal disease or maxillofacial fracture repair. All procedures are performed where possible understanding sedation with nerve blocks and local anaesthesia for pain free treatment. Occasionally general anaesthesia is required.

A fully qualified veterinary surgeon will always be your best option, however, if you decide to use the services of an Equine Dental Technician, legislation requires they must have qualified in the UK by taking the BAEDT examination to use power tools or extract teeth. If you have any queries please contact reception.

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