Currently there are several viral and bacterial diseases in horses which can be protected by vaccination.


Most equestrian bodies advise following the vaccination protocol laid down by the Horseracing Regulatory Authority:

Primary vaccination course of three
1st Vaccination
2nd Vaccination after 21 – 92 days
3rd Vaccination after 150 – 215 days

Booster vaccinations
Then annual boosters within 365 days

NB: The FEI require an influenza vaccination within six months +/- 21 days of the last vaccination


Frequency depends on the vaccine used – usually every other year

Equine Herpes Virus

Primary vaccination course of two
1st Vaccination
2nd Vaccination after four to six weeks

Booster vaccinations
Every six months
Pregnant mares vaccinated at five to seven to nine months of pregnancy


Pregnant mares vaccinated at eight to nine to 10 months of pregnancy

Booster vaccinations
Booster vaccinations at six monthly intervals

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